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5 essential trends for wedding guests 2018

There are a lot-lot of very exciting wedding guest trends for 2018. It´s important to remember that there are lots of factors before buying the perfect wedding guest such as the time of the ceremony or the kind of event, formal or not, the place... And for sure the colour, we talked many times before the white colour is just for the bride. So you shouldn't choose it or a colour in the same range as cream colour.

Today I am talking about new trends for wedding guests. Are you ready? 

Floral Print
Floral print has been a tendency in 2017 but in 2018 it´s going to bloom even more. I personally love this tendency because you won't need to invest in accessories such as hats or belts, you'll look absolutely fabulous with no extra effort. 

The Iris Mini Dress - Floral Print - Lauren Lynn London

Open Neckline
You have to take care of the neckline you choose for a wedding, as a wedding guest, you should look elegant and chic so a very long one it not the most appropriate.
with small neckline dress, you'll look sensual and modern as the same time.

 The Amelie Maxi Dress -Neckline maxi dress - Lauren Lynn London

Lets your dress shine
A delicate shine in your dress could be the perfect option for a formal wedding. If you want a long gown but with something special a jewel shoulder dress is a perfect option for you. The bead detailing on the shoulders for an edgy yet luxe touch.

The Pippa Maxi Dress - Jewell dress - bead dress

Two pieces
If you don't want to wear a dress it's your lucky year! Two pieces for weddings are one of the biggest trends for 2018. You'll find tops and magic skirts to shine this special day.

Floral Skirt - One Shoulder top - Lauren Lynn London

Open Back
As the famous song says "business in the front party in the back", open back dresses are perfect for formal weddings. 

Open Back and Lace maxi Dress - Lauren Lynn London  - Emma Maxi Dress in black

What is your favourite wedding guest trend for 2018?





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