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Polka dot dress - The Alexandra Mini Dress - The New Pattern Trend That All It-Girls Are Obsessed With

Within the last few years, polka dots have been given a massive shift to the fashion world.

Designers are embracing the polka dots like never before, this trend is taking over Instagram and our fabulous Alexandra Mini dress is the trendiest!


Blue Polka Dot Dress - The Alexandra Mini dress - Vestido de lunares corto - Mini vestido Alexandra

Have you tried it yet? If you've not experienced it already, get set to see your Instagram feed filled with gorgeous polka dot pieces.

Want to try it for yourself? Why do not start with The lovely Alexandra Mini Dress? The cute blue polka dot print makes this cocktail dress a fab choice for weddings or cocktails. The strapless top features subtle bust cups for discreet support and shape, whilst a flowing skater skirt flares over hips and shows off legs perfectly in a flirty knee-length design.

Take a look at this Turquoise Polka Dot Dress before is gone!


Images: @atrendylife, @armarioenruinas, @alma_cupcakes. 


  • Hannah

    WOW! I love this polka dot dress, it´s stunning! I didn’t know your brand but I’m a big fan now! I love your party dresses and palazzo pants!

  • Ana

    ¡Me encanta este vestido de lunares! ¡Creo que es el más bonito que he visto! No había visto ningún vestido palabra de honor de lunares que quede tan bien y sea tan vistoso.

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