Why Lauren Lynn London

Why Lauren Lynn London



At LAUREN LYNN LONDON, we make Occasion womenswear that suits for every body type. We are loved for our elegant shapes and stunning prints, and every single piece of our collections is designed by our art director in London.


The brand is defined by Lauren's signature “sophisticated and fun” style and attention to details, with an emphasis on luxurious and timeless materials.


Lauren is inspired by the confident and feminine style with the sole aim of offering amazing quality dresses at affordable prices.  A close friend’s wedding, black-tie event, a day event… we know how difficult can be to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion, that’s why Lauren is always on the lookout for something which every woman can wear her way.


Each of our designs are unique and authentic, taking care of every single detail of the process. Lauren Lynn's core aim is to bring the best fabrics to create a chic, seductive and unique pieces, that suit real women. LL London is more than the dress you wear is a way to say the world who you really are!


What are you going to wear? The question every friend wants to know.

There’s some special occasions such a friend’s wedding, a day event, a first date, a black-tie event or a day at the races… that really matters what we wear and we want the “WOW EFFECT”.


Lauren Lynn London’s team are passionate about what we do. We understand the feeling of wearing a brand new dress for a special event, how important is the glamorous, sophisticated and elegant feeling when you are wearing it, and why every woman in the world should feel this way! Lauren Lynn’s woman is a strong individual that dresses for herself. She is self-confident with a sophisticated approach.


To what do we owe our success?

  • Our promises are not empty promises! The quality of our items it’s amazing, it really worth every penny our customers invests on it!
  • Our clothing really adapts to every type of bodies. Lauren Lynn Designs’ are extremely comfortable, and at the same time are sophisticated and timeless.
  • Our range price is below average if you compare our quality with our competitors’ quality and designs.
  • Our customers can feel themselves with our designs! They can show to the world their Characters, Intelligent, Strength and style!
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